Wednesday, March 1, 2017

[Pokemon] Catching Farfetch'd

In my recent travel to Taiwan, I was hoping that a Farfetch'd ( a region exclusive Pokemon which is only found in northeast Asia) would appear in the place where I was going as I don't have time to focus on playing Pokemon on a vacation though once in a while I am checking the game.

I was in Taichung when this bird suddenly appears in the nearby status. The sad part, I was boarding a bus and no way I can stop it and there was no nearby station, so I give it a pass. The same thing happen the next day and I was really disappointed but still, I keep my hopes up high.

The bird in the nearby

Then I went to Taipei to continue my journey but this time, I seldom check the game at this point. I open the game again when I was on my way to Elephant Mountain and luckily nearby sightings of Farfetch'd. I immediately check where it was and then bingo it was just on my route. I hurriedly went to it and catch it. I was happy that time and it was mission accomplished.

Here is a video of me catching it:

Have you caught a Farfetch'd? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. Things to do in Taipei (Taiwan) for FREE, wow now this will make the Taiwan trip the most amazing one for sure. Thank you for the post!