Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Things to do in Taichung (Taiwan)

Taichung is one of the less visited cities in Taiwan and is just a few hours away from the Taoyuan International Airport (240 NT for a bus ticket). Situated in the southern part of Taiwan, Taichung is the home of the famous bubble tea where it was first created.

Some travelers might miss or skip this city, there are things in Taichung that will surely catch your attention.

Traveling within Taichung is never been a problem. Although the city doesn't have a metro/subway line as its mass public transport, an efficient BRT(Bus Rapid Transit) network does the job done. Little do we know, the BRT network in Taichung is free of charge( Yes, it's absolutely FREE as of this writing!!!) provided you have an easy card (you can buy this at 7/11) with some balance in it and that the distance you travelled does not exceed to 30km and up(if I am not mistaken with the limit). Just by tapping your easy card to the bus card terminal, you can then board the bus, be sure to retap it again when you disembark in the bus as failing to do so will cost you 20NT. You can use google maps to trace or to know which bus number(bus number is located on the upper portion of the windshield of the bus) to board and which bus stop to wait and etc. depending on the details of your trip. Attractions within the city are relatively close to each other making every trip FREE of charge, now who doesn't want to visit Taichung?

BRT Station

PS: while writing this article, I am on a bus heading to the capital, Taipei!

Now let's get started, here the things you can do while in Taichung.

Do the Free Walking Tour

The best way to know a city is through walking. Originally saw the free tour on Couchsurfing and immediately contact the organizer. The tour is facilitated by a local. In this tour, you will learn the cities history, traditions, local delicacies( love the free taste of cakes and tea!) etc and the best thing its free and you can tip them if you want, you decide. There are 2 tour routes being offered and they do have English and Mandarin. Meeting point is in Taichung Station for more info check the image below.

Taichung Station
Street Art
Tour Info
Local Guide

Visit some Parks and Temples

Parks are generally a good place to relax. You can easily see a beauty of a city by just looking on it. Temples, on the other hand, connects you to the culture and tradition of the city and its people. Parks and Temples are generally free of charge in Taichung.

Maple Garden Park (best to visit at night)

Inside Taichung Park

Temple in the central district

Visit a Night Market

The very busy streets of a night market are so inviting. The delicious food and affordable goods attract tourist and locals alike. Ranging from local food to western and Asian food, they got you covered. The famous and biggest night market in Taichung is the Fengjia Night Market. Now get ready for a ton of free taste that awaits you!

"Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang", a must try but get ready for a long queue.

Fengjia Night Market

Day Trips to Nearby Places

For some travelers, Taichung is served as their base towards other nearby attractions. Doing a day trip from Taichung to other places somewhat maximize your stay in it.

Most recommended day trips are Puli, Wufeng, Dakeng, Sun moon lake and etc. Usually, it will take 1 - 2 hrs by bus to this destinations.

Here is a link to my Sun Moon Lake day trip: here

Sun Moon Lake

Have you been to Taichung? Share your stories and experiences below.

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  1. Wow, Taiwan is really a great place to visit I must say and I am planning one trip to Taiwan too. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.