Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sleeping in Taoyuan International Airport (Taiwan)

Taoyuan International Airport
I just recently arrived at Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei at midnight via Cebu Pacific Airline and since it is in the middle of the night, most public transports were still close and the taxi was one of the only option left for you to get into where you want to go. Low-cost airline usually has a very bad flight schedule/timing commonly arriving at midnight or dawn. Having said that I will still prefer a cheap flight ticket even with the bad flight schedule.

If you are a backpacker/budget traveler, spending the night in the airport would be your best option. This way you can save a night of accommodation and a super expensive transportation fare.

This post will give you an idea what it is like sleeping in the Taoyuan International Airport and which part is the best place to stay, what to expect and why.

PS: while writing this article I'm riding a bus from the airport to Taichung on my mobile phone so bear with me.

After several minutes of roaming around the airport, for me, the best place to sleep was in the area around the North Meeting Point (NMP).

To get to NMP after immigration, proceed to the Customs inspection area then go straight and once you find an intersection,  turn right.

From here you can see a Tourist service center just go straight and then you can now see a sign "North Meeting Point".

Tourist service center

In this area of the airport you can have all the things you need like the sleeping benches/sofas with charging station(this is what I like the most), 24hrs Money changer (be sure to exchange only a small amount of money just enough for a metro ticket and food as the exchange rates are insane), Restroom and etc.

Sleeping on the benches and sofas may not be comfortable but it gets you rested(at least for people like me) before your planned adventure. Some people used the airport carts as additional space to rest their foot or their heads as it goes "kanya kanyang discarte lang". You can get crazy by sleeping on the floor or on the cart for as long as you are not blocking the way. Securities were also nearby so even if you sleep much, your things are still there and well guarded( there are lots of CCTVs as well).

Money Changer and Restroom beside it
Sleeping benches/sofas
Charging Station (sockets are similar to PH but in TW  its 110v and most plugs nowadays accept from 100v - 240v be sure to check)

Just a few steps from here you can see a pocket wifi rental if you are keen on getting one. Also just beside it is an escalator leading to the ground floor where a 24 hr store is located(if you want to grab something to eat). From the store walk straight and buses are stationed here, buses which go to Taipei city or into nearby cities. Buses leading to HSR station is also stationed here. It is also where the ticketing booth is.

As for me I went to the store, bought some breakfast items and ate them just on the benches beside the bus station and ticket outlets.

Signage near NMP

7/11 like store in the Airport

On the bus station, there is a nearby restroom and a free drinking water( hot and cold).

Water Dispenser in the airport

The spot where I slept was just beside the escalator and pocket wifi rental as it had a few people around and there is a charging station nearby.

The spot where I stayed

Overall it was a decent stay and slept for around 4 hrs before I get into my bus to Taichung. Is it safe? Yes, it is very safe.

Have you tried sleeping in Taoyuan International Airport? Share your experience in the comment section below.


  1. Hi Ekoy,

    Thanks for the informative post.

    Btw, are there sleeping areas before the immigration. We're planning to sleep before passing taoyuan immigration. Thanks

    1. Hi! Thanks that you find this article informative. As far as I remember, there were no place to sleep upon arriving aside from the floor and I don't think you can do it there.
      . If you are on a connecting flight then the departure area would be your sleeping ground. Just want to know why would you sleep in the area before immigration?