Sunday, November 27, 2016

[Pokemon] First trainer level cap in the Cebu [Philippines]

After the game was released in the Philippines almost 4 months ago, trainers around the country had been busy catching and leveling up. Although the Philippines was a bit late compared to the US and Australia with regards to the launching  of the game,  some Pinoy trainers had managed to cope up with this loss.

The current trainer max level of the game is 40. It took me almost two months to get to level 30(didn't bought any pokecoins via real money) and it seems level 40 is  just a dream for me and it would take me forever to achieve this.

In Cebu City, where there is a huge fanbase of the game, each trainer is striving to be the very best and help one another in every way possible.  One trainer stand unique among of us, Michael Uy whose trainer level recently turned 40. He is the first known legit Pokemon player in Cebu or maybe on the entire Philippines who reached the max level.

I met Michael(Mic) in a Lure Event in Marcelo Fernan Bridge(a Pokemon hot spot in Cebu). I was then level 25 and he was already 33. At first, we had suspected him of using any hacks and cheat since we are skeptical of him reaching that far whereas the game has just launched. So we started asking him questions about his technique and turns out he is legit and plainly an addict of the game.

Mic (Mic888x) actually turn  Lvl 40 at around Nov 26, 2016 5:45pm PH time( Nov 26, 2016 9:45am UTC).

Here are his few tricks:

Spam those Lucky Eggs

God knows how many lucky eggs was used by Mic in order to reach the max level. Every time he  normally catches a Pokemon or spins a poke stop, a lucky egg is always activated. It seems to me that he is laying eggs (kidding mic). He was telling us that he was getting more or less 100k XP per day.

Gotta Catch Em All

As the game slogan says 'Gotta Catch em all'. Mic literally catches every pokemon on its sightings and leave no one including his favorite ratatas and pidgeys. While other trainers are sitting ducks on lures, he is busy roaming around and catching those pokemons in his sightings. When his done catching those in his sightings and on those on the lure, he then evolves some pokemons on his list making every second of his lucky egg count.

Get more connections

Mic was a member of different chat groups from different teams and from different hot spot locations(we have chat group for every hotspot location). He can easily get information if some teams or locations are having lure parties or doing Jimmy's Loop. And in every event, he is always there and will always be( never missing any event). He had been to almost all of the hot spot locations in the metro making friends from each of this spots and becoming famous everywhere.

Play like there is no tomorrow

There are those times that there were no lure parties and events,  Mic didn't think of this as a downtime instead he simply roams around the metro with a car and spin and catches every poke stop and Pokemon along his way. The only downtime he has is when he rest and work. He plays beyond 8hrs everyday.

It seems these are the top things we get and observe from him. We also notice a few things that make him the very best, his gears which he carries or wears every time he is farming or hunting. Here are the list:


Like other players, we notice that on his sling bag, he always brought with him a minimum of 2 powerbanks fully charged with chargers making him enjoy all day and all night farming and power leveling without any interuptions. More power more fun for him.


He always carries with him an umbrella in case it will rain and if there are rare Pokemon which needs to be chased. He is unstoppable by this time.

Running Shoes

We always saw him on running shoes everytime he is farming or leveling. This is to easily manuver incase a rare pokemon is within a walking distance or even on a running distance, he is always up for it and is ready to take a marathon. He can easily chase the pokemon with this. I remember when he was about to go home and already walked around 200m away from the lures when suddenly some rare pokemon pops out in the lure. Some trainers posted it quickly on the chat groups and luckily Mic was able to notice it and hurriedly  run back to the spot and was able to catch it.

Below was the actual video of him popping up Lvl 40 with the help of Goldeen. :)

We also ask him what's next after reaching the max level and he replied with "its Hunt time both for rare Pokemon and Gyms raids".

Congrats Mic, where are our beers?

Have you reach the max level as well? Share your stories in the comment section below.


  1. Amazing mic indeed. He won't greed sponsoring unlimited lures and last night he spent lures for 4 stops from 3pm till 11:30pm at plaza independencia and helped a lot of us his voice trainers level up! Thanks u mic and thanks for sharing your passion..!!