Monday, November 7, 2016

Beers in The Netherlands

No doubt beer is one of the famous beverage in the world. In most cases beer is more cheaper compare to water (first hand experience in most of Europe).
*Above Image is a  Pub Signage in Rotterdam

   Pedal to Drink  in Amsterdam
The Dutch s doesn't want to be left behind in this category and shared their famous Heineken Brand.
Heineken is one of the leading beer brand not just in the Netherlands but Globally. Its signature Green Bottle, red star and its smiling "e" sign on its branding definitely attracts patrons worldwide. There are lots of beer in the Netherlands but here I am focusing on the famous one, Heineken.

Heineken Beer

  • Alcohol content: 5.0%
  • Type: Pale Lager 
  • Ekoy's Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Pints

In my week long stay in Amsterdam, I decided to take a peek on the country's "national beer" Brewery, or as they call it "THE HEINEKEN EXPERIENCE".

Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam
The brewery is just a few meters walk from the Van Gogh Museum. There is an entrance fee of 16 euros for the regular tickets and around 25 euros for the VIP  and these includes beer, a tour inside the brewery and a whole lot more.

Entrance to the Heineken  brewery
Inside the Heineken  brewery (mini map)
Once inside, the staff will automatically check your tickets and provide you with a green baler with a detachable circular pin-like object in which serve as a beer token. 

Containers inside the Heineken  brewery
History of Their Logo
Evolution of Their Bottles
There are subsections on the brewery as indicated on the mini map above. Inside there are information in every piece of item you  see and directions on the flow so you will not be lost along the way.

Tasting Barley and water combination
Tasting raw beer adding in Hops 
Beers are composed basically of 3 components, Water, Barley and Hops. In the brewery you get the chance to taste the beer in its raw form. It is somewhat like a prequel of how the beer is brought to life. After tasting the Barley and water combination, it was really disgusting and the bitter taste was a bummer and when the Hops was added it is somehow beer-like taste but it still needs some finishing touch for it to taste like the way it should be. In this stage they also provide lots of beer to those who are eager and jolly people.

The Lounge 
Fun stuffs to do in Heineken  brewery
Photo taken on their Photobooth

After the beer tasting there are several fun activities that awaits you. They have this 4D presentation or should I say ride which details the story of how a beer is brewed and the twist is that you are the ingredient, you will be splashed out with water, shake, dried and etc. They also have this lounge wherein you can rest and watch for a football game, they also do have console games and photo-booths.

  My customize Heineken Bottle    
 My Certificate as a Pourer

You can also have a  customize Heineken Bottle with your name on it for 6.5 Euros. I did have it which I displayed in my room.

At the end of the tour, you can claim/exchange the circular token from your baler for a beer or you can enroll it on a mini course in beer pouring. I myself enroll on the course as I already drink a lot of beer beforehand(I always ask for beer in the beer tasting stage haha) and luckily I am now a Certified Heineken Pourer and yet to frame my certificate,

Upon exiting the brewery there are tons of Heineken Merchandise awaits you. They have mugs, jackets,tumbler, umbrella, poncho, you name it they have it. In this area also is where you can claim your customize Heineken Bottles. You can also buy a Heineken Mug or Pint and customize it with your name but i opted not to as I already have the bottle.

Overall it was a pleasant visit in the Heineken Brewery. I had a great time and meet lots of beer drinkers around the world.

Have you been to the Heineken Brewery? Share your experience in the comment section below.                                        


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