Monday, October 24, 2016

[Pokemon] When Lapras appears in LURE.

So you are sitting and waiting for some rare Pokemon to appear  on a Lure party? How long will you be staying? Do you have the patience and courage to wait? What would your reaction be when some rare Pokemon suddenly appear on the Lure.

It was at Instinct Cebu Lure Party that some rare Pokemon appears in the lure. It started around late afternoon until  there was no more lure module to be drop. There were more or less a hundred trainers patiently waiting, most of them are coming from Team Instinct though there were still representative from other teams.

It was getting late(or should I say early in the Morning at almost 1am) and people were a bit tired and getting bored when something came up, guess what? Lapras pops out on the lure. It started when a Gay trainer shouted to the top of her lungs, screaming LAPPPPRAASSS, then goes another person then the other , it was a ripple effect of shouting around the area. At first I thought it was the same old prank and all but it wasn't . Then when I looked at my screen it was indeed Lapras so I joined in the screaming.

It was by this time all people were energized and alert. All were busy catching and telling stories to their friends in messengers and etc. It was a great night indeed. People got what they came for.
I successfully caught the Lapras but the CP was a bit of a bummer but hey it's still a Lapras.

Below was the actual footage: (best viewed with sounds aha ha)

Do you have an epic Pokemon Catch? Share your experiences in the comment section below.


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