Monday, October 24, 2016

[Pokemon] Catching Snorlax

In every Pokemon Go, trainers dream is to catch and train a Snorlax. Snorlax is one of the rare Pokemon there is in this game up to this date. People run and get wild getting a glimpse or even catching one.

It was a normal night in the Marcelo Fernan Bridge (2nd Bridge) when suddenly someone shouted he spotted a Snorlax via Pokemesh and said it was just a few meters away. "Snorlax sa Mermaid" that was what he was yelling for. Everyone(including me) followed the lead of that kind gentleman without any further ado. Everyone was rushing to the said destination and I saw people catching their breath, speeding up with their motorcycles and even stumble and falling over  mud for the sake of Snorlax( Who doesn't die for Snorlax eh? not me, though).

I ran a few meters and then the fuel went low and I started getting tired and decided to walk. As I walked I asked fellow trainers that pass me how many minutes left  till despawn and they replied with around 10, so I was not worried as I was a bit near the area. After all,  I need to get this  since this will be my first Snorlax.

When we went there it was massive, there were lots of trainers flocking in Club Mermaid. The security guard was shocked so as the Girls(Club Mermaid is somewhat like a KTV bar, eh you know it guys) and don't know what to do so he just let us do what we were doing.

Everyone was busy catching including me, I heard shouting anywhere, Some shouted that they have caught it, some are shouting cause it ran away and some pissed off since this baby doesn't want to get inside that ball. 

Fast Forward, It took me 1 ultra ball to capture this beast (just got lucky I guess) and the CP was around 2k+. 

Below was the recorded video of the entire thing.

Have you caught a Snorlax? Share your experiences in the comment section below.


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