Monday, October 24, 2016

[Pokemon] Catching Lapras

Who doesn't want a Lapras on this team? Lapras is one of the favorite Pokemon and also one of the most hunted Pokemon(at least in Cebu City). It has a few weakness making him a perfect defender of gyms and also dub as a "Dragon Killer".

Another  night in the Marcelo Fernan Bridge (2nd Bridge), everybody was waiting for Lapras (as this was the main reason people are flocking to the bridge). Out of boredom, most of the time people were shouting "laaaa Paras"(a Cebuano term which indicates they saw a Paras hahaha when pronouncing a bit strange it can be mistaken as Lapras)  to fool  people around.

People are using scanners and scan the nearby areas for sightings. Not that long a friend of mine detected a Lapras at Cebu Yacht Club. We immediately run and my friend informs the other people about it. We were only around 15 more or fewer people on the bridge(it was not a peak time though). Other players rushed to their car and motorcycle as Cebu Yacht Club is about more or less a kilometer away from the bridge. Luckily, when they detected the lapras it freshly spawned (meaning it would take around 12-15mins to despawn).

On our way to the street, a regular player which we knew by  looks offers us to take a ride with him as he as well doesn't know where the area was, so we hop in. The guy drives fast as if our life depends on Lapras( thank God we were safe). Fast forward we arrive at the location a few minutes before it despawn. It was my first Lapras and luckily I caught it.

Below was the actual footage, Note that I just started filming when the speed was manageable for me to tinker my phone.

A few minutes after Lapras despawn, we saw a pickup coming in in speed and hurriedly ask us if Lapras was still there, we replied in Cebuano "despawn na bossing"(it has already despawned boss). The people in the pickup were all disappointed. They told us that they came from the City(Ayala Mall Cebu which is around 10KM going to the area) and rushed here. I can feel the dedication they have for this game. So we all waited for another 10mins to see if Lapras will respawn but unfortunately it didn't and this was the time when we were all dispersed.

After catching Lapras, we went to another adventure in catching Charizard.

Have you caught a Lapras? Share your experiences in the comment section below.


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